Technical Advantages

Open BIM Integrated Platform

The design basis of BIM# cloud management platform is based on the concept of Open BIM, In order to achieve the purpose of integrating multiple information, BIM# is not limited to the use of specific brand software, but to provide all kinds of 3D modeling software, through import the exchange format-IFC.

Lightweight Compression Technology

In the use of 3D models, there is a lot of storage and computing requirements on the hardware device, so it is difficult to import BIM information into the live site workflow by the mobile device in the past. EZ TIT provide the exclusive lightweight compression technology to overcome the above restrictions, so that BIM model could be used on the mobile device with operation quickly and smoothly .

Planar Positioning Technology

In order to help users find their own position, and access to the BIM information they required quickly. EZ TIT provide the plane positioning technology, allowing users operation intuitively through the planar space map, such as drag the positioning point, select the direction of view, to access the 3D model information quickly.

Sensor Fusion Positioning Technology

In order to allow users to check live conditions with BIM information through mobile devices in the field construction inspection operations and Patrol check operations. With the sensor fusion positioning, it could position the user location for continuous positioning and track records, and switch the operation mode between virtual reality and augmented reality.

Inventive Patented Technology

Space Positioning System for Buildings
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