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TGCREC & AsRES 2017 Annual Conference
  • The 2017 annual conference held by Global Chinese Real Estate Congress and Asian Real Estate Society, had a four-day forum seminar at The Lin Hotel in Taichung, which also invited Robert J. Shiller, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics as guest speaker, to share the real estate market economy development and trends.

    EZTIT is commissioned by the organizer to develop the APP for this event. It is hoped that the guests who participate in the event will be able to get the latest information and forum news of the event through the APP and assist the guests through the indoor navigation function to find the way they want to go. EZ-TIT was established in 2008. EZ-TIT Integrated the BIM 3D model with Mixed Reality (MR) and spatial positioning technology into the construction industry. It provides software services for pre-planning and design, medium-term construction and post-operation management, and also including the property management services APP for community, IoT Smart Building and Beacon ERP cloud attendance management system are also the EZ-TIT's software services strengths.

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